My First Name is Mister


That was a medical aide, whom I'd never met, calling for me in the doctor's waiting room.

What’s left of my hair stands-up when I hear someone half my age, and whom I don't know, using my first name (or another elderly patient being called “Harry”, or “Grace”). 


Well, it happened, and I’m not surprised. 

Jonathan Pollard was released from prison today. It’s a resounding slap in the face of every American who is or was privy to our country’s secrets and has protected them. It also shows how much clout the Israeli lobby has in Washington.

Gate Reports - A Summary

The monthly Waterford Master Residential Association (WMRA) Newsletter includes a Gate Report - which is an indictment in and of itself; illustrating  that our gates are a problem area worthy of ongoing attention. 

I went back through the 2015 newsletters to refresh my memory and was again appalled by the amount of time and money we invest in pretending Waterford is secure and exclusive. I’ve copied the 2015 Gate Reports and posted them below. I encourage you to look through them too.

Fiber Optic Services in Waterford?

I was very pleased to see that ATMC, a local company in Shallotte, is interested in extending their fiber optic network into Waterford if enough demand exists. 

Real Estate Trends - October

I've updated the charts for Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest with October sales data. Click here or on the Real Estate Trends link at the top of the right sidebar to view them.

Waterford's Gates - Continued

This morning, two postings in the General section of Waterford’s online community message board caught my attention. Each, in its own way, supports the arguments of those of us who would like to replace our gates with systems that work and don’t cost a fortune every year.

NC4Vets - The Veteran's Friend in Raleigh

I’m a Cold War / Vietnam-Era veteran (USAF - 1960-72), and have some sour memories of the way the military and vets were treated back then.  Times have changed though, and our military people and returning veterans are sincerely appreciated these days. That’s as it should be. I love saying and hearing, “Thanks for your service”. I also enjoy using a “Reserved for Veterans” parking spot at the grocery store - not because it's closer to the entrance, rather for the tinge of pride I feel when I pull in.

Distemper Virus in Brunswick County

In case you haven’t heard, the Brunswick County Animal Protective Services Unit wants residents to make sure they keep their dogs’ distemper vaccinations current. Some wild animals, mainly in the southern part of the county have turned-up with the disease. This article from the Port City Daily online newspaper has the details, including a link to more information about distemper. 

Fixing My Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (Part II)

As a follow-up to the AAA repair surgery I wrote about last month, Fixing My Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, my doctor ordered a CT scan to verify that the stent he had installed was not leaking. My surgeon, Dr. Brown, told me up-front that an endoleak* is not uncommon, so I wasn’t taken completely by surprise when he discovered one.

Scammers Want Your Money

I receive an Email newsletter from Clark Howard every Monday. It's always full of good, current, consumer information. Today there's a link to Clark's list of the scams that are presently wreaking the most havoc. It's amazing what people will think-up to get your money.  Check it out. This link will take you there.

While you're at it, look around on Clark's website. It's a great place to go for tips that will save you money - and you can sign-up for his newsletter while you're at it.

Magnolia's Bed & Biscuit - Daisy's Home Away from Home

The Lady (my wife, Elvira) and her girlfriend, who's visiting from Sweden, are heading off to Asheville tomorrow to visit Biltmore and spend lots of money in the shops. They’ll be gone for most of the week. I'll be staying behind but, since I have some appointments over the next few days, we will board our Rottweiler, Daisy, at Magnolia's Bed & Biscuit.

High and Dry in Waterford

Back in July, I posted my thoughts on flood insurance, (Do Waterford Property Owners Need Flood Insurance?). My opinion was, "If your bank doesn't force you to buy it, save your money."

I had some second thoughts about the subject last week when we got about a foot of rain.

Real Estate Trends - September

I've updated the charts for Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest with September sales data. Click here or on the Real Estate Trends link at the top of the right sidebar to view them.

Life On the Reef

The tranquility of the reef was exactly what they were looking for. The gentle sway of  the sea grasses, the slow, rhythmic undulation of the waves and a plentitude of hideaways in the coral. The  Parrotfish, Wrasse, Grouper, and swarms of other colorful fish found a happy home there. The water was warm, the food plentiful and the neighbors were generally agreeable.

Where's My User Guide?

We have a file box where we keep manuals for all the devices and gadgets we own. There are folders for categories of stuff, such as Appliances, Tools, Computers, and Audio/VideoIt may sound like an efficient system - but it doesn’t work.