Real Estate Trends - January 2016

I have updated the charts for Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest with January sales data. Click here or on the Real Estate Trends link at the top of the right sidebar to view them.

Aldi is Coming to Leland

A Port City Daily article this morning indicates that Aldi, the German grocery chain, wants to build a store between Ploof Road and the Westgate (Walmart) shopping plaza. The pre-construction planning is still going on and, from the sound of it, approval hinges only on some modifications to the site plan.

Election Overload

Am I the only one who's sick of election news? 

The primary season starts tomorrow (February 1st - the Iowa caucuses), and I’ve already heard and seen much too much of both parties’ candidates, and of the TV people who follow them around. Everything any of the candidates says is hashed, rehashed, parsed and exaggerated on TV - way out of proportion to its news or entertainment value.

Election Editorial

Palin’s son Track,
gave his girlfriend a whack.
Now he’s getting help from Mama.

Her son’s a mess,
so she called in the press,
and blamed the assault on Obama.

Jim Comer's Birds

Last March, I wrote about bird-carver Jim Comer and showed-off three of his creations that reside in my collection of hand-carved, wooden birds.

Dietary Guidelines: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

The government’s updated dietary guidelines, which are reworked and issued every 5 years, were published a few days ago. While still useful, the recommendations are losing their relevance because politicians and bureaucrats manipulate them on behalf of constituents and food industry special-interest groups.

Sucker Bet

The odds of winning the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot with a single ticket are roughly 1 in 292 million. Even buying 10, 50 or 100 tickets doesn’t come close to making those odds reasonable. 

In spite of that, the other day at the gas station I saw a number of people, many of whom didn’t look like they could afford it, buying fists full of lottery tickets. When asked why people bet against such long odds, the response is usually something like: ”Someone will win the jackpot, why not me?” 

Real Estate Trends - December

I've updated the charts for Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest with December sales data. Click here or on the Real Estate Trends link at the top of the right sidebar to view them.

Getting Healthy

For the last 20 years, I’ve been in a constant battle with my bathroom scale. I started a weight loss campaign in January of every year since 1996, and somehow managed to keep gaining weight at the rate of about two pounds a year. Over the past few years my neglect has caught up with me and I’ve had all sorts of health problems.

All Black Haka

If you're a rugby fan, you will already know that the All Black, New Zealand’s national team, are the current world champions and have been elites of the sport for many years. Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport.

Facebook and The Grinch

My siblings were surprised when I joined Facebook last week. I’d always said I never would. In a weak moment though, probably partly attributable to the sentimental mood of the Christmas season, I took the plunge. Three days later, I’d seen enough and deleted my account.

Escaping AT&T

The Lady and I recently took advantage of an offer from our excellent cell phone company, Consumer Cellular, to replace our landline home phone service with a wireless home phone base and an additional line. It’s considerably less expensive than AT&T service and we kept our primary phone number.

I did some checking first. I asked an AT&T rep about Internet-only service and was told that it was available at the price we were currently paying for the DSL part of our bundle. It sounded like a solid deal: all phones with Consumer Cellular and DSL Internet from Ma Bell.

I should have known better.

Christmas Editorial

Christmas is here,
and I’m full of cheer.
But one thing saddens me greatly.

Our neighbor’s dog, Gus,
is making a fuss.
He’s had to wear antlers lately.

My Shillelagh

In keeping with my goal of getting more exercise and losing some weight in the new year, I need some support. The physical kind - not moral support. My back cramps-up when I stand or walk for more than 5 minutes, so I need something to lean on.

Happy Holidays

A thoughtful neighbor sent the following film clip to The Lady - my German-born wife. Apparently it has gone viral. We got a kick out of it and we hope you will enjoy it too.